The Discovery Process

If you, or a loved one, lost a home or business to foreclosure, you may not be aware of the funds you are potentially entitled to afterward.  At Direct Overage Discovery, we can explain the process and assist you with finding out if there are funds out there for you!

What Usually Happens!

When a homeowner or business owner loses their property because they cannot pay the taxes, that property can go into foreclosure.  As a result, the County where the property is located will hold an auction for the sale of that property; from that sale, the County will collect only the taxes they are due.  


What most people don't know is that when the property sells at the foreclosure auction for an amount over what is due the County, the previous owner is potentially entitled to that overage, which is known as surplus or excess funds.


The County may make an effort to contact you (the previous owner) by sending a notification letter to your last known address following the auction on that property; however, since they usually mail the letter to the address of your former property, and because you may no longer live there, you likely will not receive that notification letter.  As a result, you are unaware of the entire process and what you are potentially entitled to receive.

The process is slightly different for mortgage foreclosures; if this is your concern, please contact us for those details.

What We Can Do For You!

At Direct Overage Discovery, we put in the work to get it done for you!

For your unique situation, we do what it takes to find out if there are surplus funds from the sale of your previous property.  We work directly with the County, we ensure the process of filing the claim, and that all associated documents are properly prepared and submitted; we provide a notary, and if necessary, we hire an attorney, and we communicate with you on the status of your case until everything is finalized. 

The best part of working with Direct Overage Discovery is --- There Are Absolutely No Upfront, Out-of-Pocket Fees - So There Is No Risk To You!   We only receive our fee if the successful claim recovers funds for you.       

If you are in this unfortunate position and interested in doing something about it, then we're here to help! 

Feel free to contact Direct Overage Discovery by the method you're most comfortable using.  Please select the Contact Us page for those details!  We look forward to working with you!   

Your Success is Our Success!    

We work with you at every stage of the process to keep you informed and help recover your entitled surplus and/or unclaimed funds!